The beeping and blooping of the libertarian mind… Libertarian economist Bryan Caplan writes in re immigration:


My question for citizenists everywhere: If you think you're often morally obligated to suppress the favoritism you naturally feel for your children, why aren't you morally obligated to suppress the far milder favoritism you naturally feel for your fellow citizens?  Once you suppress this favoritism, can you really in good conscience take the side of a citizen who wants to deny foreigners permission to work so he can get a better job?


It has to be said, it is curious that conservatives continue to take the field of economics seriously, yet deride anthropology and the rest of the social sciences.  Caplan obviously doesn't know the first thing about human societies, although he has apparently lived in one since birth.  Given the bizarre logic of his arguments and his remoteness to normal human drives, he seems to be afflicted with Aspergers.
"If allowing a peaceful worker to accept a job offer from a peaceful employer isn't a fundamental moral obligation, what is?" blurts Caplan, as if he had never heard of relationships, obligations, loyalties.  You can bet Caplan doesn't leave tips, because his entire argument rests on the moral superiority of cheapness--the point of hiring illegals is that they are easier to control and much cheaper to employ.  No one hires them out of altruism (except possibly preceding illegals), therefore talk of moral obligations is pure deception.
Societies anyway are not founded on moral imperatives, but on the desire of human beings to live safely and prosperously together, in whatever manner suits them best.  Morality is specific to the culture of each society; Caplan's universal moral obligations do not exist.  The masochistic morality of Caplan's argument is merely the symptom of a late stage complex society run by a parasitic elite, plus politically correct radiation treatments that have obviously rendered Caplan's brain into a vestigial organ.
To anyone of above feeble intelligence, it's obvious that large migrations of people will lead to conflict, instability, social dysfunction, and other not very nice things.  It's obvious that employers who seek to bring in illegals so they can pay sub-middle class wages are not acting out of moral impulses to better the lives of foreigners.  The rhetoric is all hypocrisy.  When Caplan opens his mouth about moral imperatives, something retarded and offensive pours out.  It seems to be a condition he should seek treatment for, although I understand it's difficult to cure libertarianism.


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