James Bland… The big question with Skyfall was whether this James Bond movie was going to do better than 2008's limp, dour, and inexplicably titled Quantum of Solace.  The big answer is:  not enough to matter.
Skyfall wants to have it both ways, giving fan service to devotees of the old movies and books while announcing proudly that this is the century of marriage equality and race-neutral casting (after all, there's nothing more quintessentially British than black people).  Reviewers seem pleased, but what's the point?  If you want to get with the 21st century and all its dreary liberal cliches, why not ditch that old cocktail swishing fossil Bond and create a new franchise centered around a gay arch-feminist like The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo?  We all know that scrawny, screwed up lesbians are the cutting edge of mystery and suspense (which makes it sound more interesting than it actually is).

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